One of the biggest pain points between the relationship of colleges and that of students is the inability to connect instantly.
AI chatbots for education industry are transforming the way that colleges and universities engage with students. Gone are the days when you had to personally respond to the queries of every individual student. Conversational bots are capable of having thousands of personalized conversations simultaneously.

1. An Artificially Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Students

Many students find it quite difficult to navigate through websites to find all the relevant information. There is always that one small detail that you miss. That one document that you fail to submit. These things can cause a delay in the admission process, or a good student may lose an opportunity because she did not complete the necessary procedures at the right time. A conversational bot can help with the admission process, step-by-step, and act as a personal guidance counselor until the student has completed all the necessary formalities and submitted all the important documents.

2. Simplifying Administrative work

During admissions, administrative responsibilities are through the roofs and dealing with the queries of every single candidate can be very hectic.
There are a lot of things that the staff has to take care of during peak admission times, and responding to every student query is difficult, given the fact that there might be hundreds, even thousands of students in your institution; your faculty might lose focus on the more important tasks at hand.
Some students hesitate in asking the relevant information because they feel that they might be disturbing the administrative staff. This causes further problems and increases the workload of the staff.
Chatbots help in simplifying the admission process by managing all the repetitive tasks and significantly decreasing the workload of the staff.

3. For the sake of Convenience!

Opening emails can be quite tedious at times.
Most students tend to ignore emails and calls because they aren’t very convenient; they open a text 90% of the time.
Integrating your information on chats can make it very easy for students to respond and can help them to absorb all the necessary information.

4. Building the Brand Image of your College

Having a chatbot in education is not something that is very common. You can take advantage of this and have something unique that will make your college stand out from that of others. Having a chatbot will add to the brand value of your institution.

3. Feedback

Feedbacks have always played an important role in improving the relationship of a student and a teacher. While most of the colleges and universities use forms to collect feedback from students, the use of conversational bots make the interaction more personalized and the chances of them completing the survey is much higher. Also, the process of sharing feedback is quite authentic given the fact that students are able to express themselves freely.

The best way to communicate with students is to structure your communication system in a way that will be of least resistance to both the faculty and the students. is one of the perfect solutions for facilitating all conversations between students and the educational authorities.