for Government

Citizen issues remain unaddressed most of the time while people want an instant solution for their complaints. A big thanks to chatbot which is helping to overcome the gap between the Government and citizens by providing them a quick access to public data and reporting complaints registration.

Problems in Government service operations

Citizens are found disappointed because of delayed responses to their complaints and delivery of public service by the Government. Also, providing round the clock human support to inhabitants in order to address their queries entails high workload on Government staff as well as it is expensive.

Why Chatbot is important for the Government Sector?

A conversational Government bot makes address citizen issues and delivery of public service easy. Natives can easily submit forms, pay bills & tax with the help of a chatbot and can save their time. Also, it is a cost-effective solution and assists people 24/7, sends accurate information, cuts workload on employees and makes management process easy.

How Helps

Provide an uninterrupted service to citizens with!

Simplify Civic Duties & Public Service aids citizens in many tedious jobs that include clarification about a Government scheme, renewal of a driving license, filing tax etc.

24/7 support provides citizen an immediate resolution for their issues and thus deliver a good experience.

Information on events acts like a reliable chat platform for accessing all type of information such as events, holidays etc.

Make aware of regulations and legislation

People typically avoid reading lengthy Government schemes and documents about legislation. Such data is converted into Q/A format and dispensed to citizens via