for Education

Students have dozen of queries and they want an immediate assistance on it. From human resource point of view, to provide a dedicated human staff everytime to address these issues is not a cost-effective solution. It’s time to welcome chatbot in ed-tech world! A chatbot in education enables counselors and teachers to reach, teach and help their students to learn faster and in more innovative way.

Where the education sector is struggling?

Students have to waste plenty of time in exploring websites and apps for community and tutors to get answers for their questions. Inappropriate information and delayed response lessen their interest in learning. Also, they want to have all education updates in just a single click which is a challenging thing for education providers.

How chatbot can smoothen the process?

Education bots create a personal bond between instruction party and learning party by providing round the clock real-time assistance for multiple queries at a time. It makes education companies more user-oriented which can be used by students. A teaching bot helps in setting up reminders for exams and deliver admission related information etc.

How Helps

Institutions have an aim to deliver exceptional experience to students so that they can pursue their dream career. helps to achieve this goal, here is how!

Improved student engagement

Students nowadays are pretty aware of instant messaging platforms and find it interesting as well. provides such platform to students so that they can communicate and find information related to course update, fee details and exam dates etc. in a click!

Learning platform provides a personalized learning experience to students and turns lecture in form of chat. It assesses understanding level of students and presents next part accordingly.

Instant assistance to students works well with current fast-paced students and improves student communication process by providing them instant help for all of their queries.

Simplify administration processes

Admission of students in institutions involves lots of work such as filling forms, taking online tests, cross-checking certificates etc. can do it all and cuts down the pressure on administration.