for Real Estate

Real estate industry involves selling and buying properties which is a personal affair. In this growing digital world, consumers expect realtors will communicate with them at a regular interval and this is where the industry is struggling. But, a big thanks to chatbot! It is a biggest marketing tool nowadays and can give all information anytime to customers.

What challenges the real estate industry is facing these days?

Sometimes users may ask for additional information other than the mentioned details at website and this is where a real estate agent might miss out on his potential customers. If a realtor is not able to fulfill this need of hour, the same experience will be conveyed from one consumer to others and thus spoils the image of brand. To provide a 24/7 customer assistance and deliver accurate information at a higher rate are key challenges for a real estate industry today.

Chatbot creates an engaging and
everlasting relationship with customers

Customers are typically found reluctant to filling registration forms while ready to talk to a chatbot. Hence, real estate bot can obtain user needs and deliver right information to clients when required. It works as an online receptionist which works 24 hours everyday to keep customers engaged with brand by providing them proper assistance.

How Helps

Improved user experience, rich relationship with clients, all-time assistance and much more can offer to real estate!

Qualified Lead Generation is helpful 24/7 and captures information on the need of consumers and provides them data accordingly, and thus helps in creating a valid lead in database.

24/7 virtual receptionist acts as a virtual receptionist and works on a round the clock basis to address any and every query raised by users.

Build strong relationship

Developing trust and comfort for consumers is the first step for a strong relationship which is not possible by a registration form. can communicate in the prefered languages of users and understand them like a human which inspires a great start of journey.

Track & log conversation can log everything in whatever is spoken between user and real estate bot. It is a key advantage as agents can look at the conversation and understand what type of service should be given to client.