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Quick and accurate delivery of information to customers is an important factor for the price sensitive and competitive tourism industry. Although travellers today are digitally adept yet planning a trip can be a tedious job for them sometimes as it requires hours of research. That’s where a travel bot steps in. A chatbot offers a self-service experience to the visitors of your website and ensures they will come back again for next booking.

With chatbots travel tactic is no more troublesome

A chatbot in travel industry helps online agencies to offer their customers a personalized experience and meaningful assistance. They serve your travel consumers round the clock through an interactive platform where users can find any information to simply their booking process.

Pain of the Travel Industry

Online travel agencies are struggling to keep their customers digitally engaged. One big reason behind this is visitors are often unable to find right information and offers among numerous available choices and therefore, chose to leave eventually. Also, setting up 24/7 executive assistance for customers involves huge investment, which is a major concern for any travel company.

How Helps

Offer a hassle-free travel booking services to your customers and boost their engagement by using!

Easy booking

After choosing a particular flight, train or bus by user, will act as an agent and ask all the details to the user required for booking. Thereafter, redirects the user to the payment gateway for completing transaction process. At the end, it also asks to book cabs if interested.

Ticket Cancellation & Refund Details has the ability to cancel a booked ticket on behalf of a customer if he or she raises such issue in the chat window. It also gives refund details by asking user to enter PNR details and then taps into the database to fetch the exact refund and related information.

Book Accommodation

In addition to ticket booking, assists users in stay booking as well via a simple chat platform. A user can do it along or after ticket bookings.

24 / 7 / 365 Live Assistance acts like an agent and provides all information to users as and when required. It makes customers feel like they are talking to an executive sitting in the company.