Generating leads is not easy. The results from Email marketing, content marketing, and cold calling have not proven to be quite satisfactory in the long run.

The average click rate and open rate of emailers in email marketing for all sectors are given below:
The average open rate for all industries we analyzed is 20.81%.
The average click rate for all industries we looked at is 2.43%.

It might be old fashioned, but most of the customers still prefer having a conversation with a person with a pleasant personality who can help them understand all the details of a particular product and answer all the queries that they have.

How can a Lead Generation Chatbot Help?

Now would it be possible for a website to initiate a conversation?
Yes! A lead generation chatbot does this for you. As your customers visit your website, they will encounter a bot with a pleasant flow of conversation predetermined by you. You can change the conversation according to your will. A conversational bot can have thousands of simultaneous conversations to engage with all your potential as well as existing customers. It acts as an automated lead generation software and delivers leads to you, even in your absence.

Identify your target audience

Understanding your target audience in any particular business is very important. The age of your audience and the geography that they belong to, for example, a young demographic would prefer to be addressed in a more casual way while people in business prefer to be addressed in a more professional manner. Further, in B2B interactions, you would like to know what kind of vertical you are targeting, the kind of inclinations that they have and the kind of pain points that they respond to.

Fun conversations

Can you ensure that all your potential customers are having interactive and fun conversations all the time? Your employees are mostly stressed out due to the surplus of work that they have every day and answering all the queries can be quite hectic. If you think that all the conversations that your support team is going to be engaging, then you are headed for disappointment. A conversational bot will ensure that your customers are always having an engaging conversation; a conversation which has been decided on your terms.

Forget the forms

How many times do you feel like filling up a form? It is quite boring. In order to get quality data, one must find innovative ways to engage with the customer. A conversational bot ensures that a customer’s attention is held long enough to get relevant data. 

Strategizing your content

The content that you have in a chatbot is extremely important. The vertical that you are targeting, the age of your target audience and the kind of things that they respond would be good parameters by which you can strategize your content. The content of the conversational flow can be adjusted according to results that you would like to achieve.

Identify your Use Case

Why do you wish to use a chatbot? Is it for lead generation, for customer retention or for better overall customer service? A conversational bot has many use cases and the best way to use it is to have a good strategy. Once you identify the use case, you can plan your content accordingly.

To Stay Ahead of the Curve

Most of the big players in the industry use chatbots for lead generation and providing excellent customer support. If you are using a chatbot for customer support then you are one of the few people who have implied this strategy in marketing their products and improving their services.

Why should I have one?

This is a proven method for you to increase your leads and maintain a good relationship with your customers. Over time, you will notice the increase in the percentage of leads from the prospective clients that visit your website. A Lead Generation Chatbot will deliver qualified leads to you, just as an automated lead generation software.

A recent survey conducted by Facebook found that customers are 50% more likely to buy from a brand after chatting, and it didn’t seem to matter whether the person on the other end of the chat was man or machine.

How is a Conversational Bot different than a person?

A conversational bot will treat all your customers indiscriminately, independent of how your customers react to a particular situation We humans sometimes have a bad mood and there is a possibility that your employees might lose their cool while responding to one of your clients, but chatbots are bound under certain rules that they cannot violate.

The cost of a lead generation chatbot is also very low and the service that one gets from their presence more than makes up for maintaining them.

How can a Conversational Bot help in Customer Retention?

The eternal presence of your bot will ensure that your leads or your existing customers are never left alone. A conversational bot will be the perfect partner to your existing customer support team. Its 24/7 availability will help in delivering exceptional customer experience. is a conversational bot that can help you not only in lead generation but also interacts with your existing customers so that you can have a better rapport with them. This will create a positive brand image for your business and will ensure that you have a long lasting relationship with your existing and potential customers.