An Intelligent Bot
for Smarter Healthcare

Most of the industries are making the best out of the technology available today to stay ahead of the curve. Many healthcare institutes have also adopted new technologies to improve the patient experience and streamline all their processes.

When it comes to providing information on healthcare, the quicker the better!

A healthcare chatbot acts as a virtual assistant and provides all the necessary information.

Virtual assistants for healthcare websites is a great tool to communicate with your future and existing patients.

Here is a scenario of a potential patient about to interact with your hospital:

Imagine John has to book an appointment at your hospital. Instead of calling the reception and waiting for them to answer (which usually takes a lot of time), he can just go to whatsapp, FB or your website and interact with, our virtual healthcare assistant!

Dr. Sturgis looks at his appointment, his Hospital information System has been updated with John’s appointment.

He looks at John’s history and remembers what a nice chap he is! He looks forward to the appointment that is set this Thursday.

  • Get rid of online forms for feedback and information
  • A conversational experience
  • Thousands of simultaneous conversations at once
  • Collate all important data of your patients
  • Reduce contact center call volume
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Instant responses
  • Integrate payment gateways