• An AI-powered Intelligent Chatbot

  • Reduce Contact Center Call Volume by 30%

  • Never Miss a Lead

  • Smart Chatbot for Smart Business

AI bots are transforming the way that businesses are interacting with their customers. ChatinBox.io is designed to maintain and enhance the relationship with your customers even in the absence of your executives.

How can ChatinBox.io Help?

An AI Chatbots to Boost Lead Generation:

  • Get rid of online forms
  • A conversational experience
  • Thousands of simultaneous conversations at once
  • Collate all important data of your visitors

An AI Chatbots to Enhance Customer Experience:

  • Reduce contact center call volume
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Instant responses
  • An easy to use UI
  • A personalized touch

AI Chatbot
Know your Customers Better!

Get a detailed report of all visitor information; the geographical location, the name, email address and other information.
Identify the demography that most relates to your products and services, and focus your marketing efforts accordingly.

Smarter Customer Interaction For An
Unforgettable Experience

automated chat bot

ChatinBox.io (your 24×7 assistant) – an Intelligent & Conversational User Engagement Platform which delivers Relevant Information and performs Secure Transactions basis a selected, typed or spoken input, completely on a self-service model. Powered by AI, ChatinBox.io can Learn & Upgrade itself with each User Interaction.

Create Impactful Customer Interactions & Guide Them
Towards Better Outcomes

Lead the Conversations with ChatinBox.io Awesome Features

  • Conversational, Informational, Navigational & Transactional ChatBots

  • API / Webhook based Database & Payment Gateway Integrations

  • Smart Alert Notifications (Event based Pop-ups)

  • Canned Responses (Rule-based Directed Dialogue)

  • Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

  • Quick Integration/Deployment

  • Customizable Interfaces

  • Data Encryption

  • Pre Chat Forms

  • Text & Voice Input

  • Live Chat

  • Operational Hours

  • Offline Forms

  • Chat Ratings

  • Visitor List

  • Chat Tags

  • Business Customization
    (Build Your Own Bot)

  • Live Agent Transfer, With Previous Chat Transcripts

  • Queue Wait Time Display (EWT)

  • Role-Based Access Permissions

  • Live Video Chat

  • File Sharing – Attachments

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