About ChatinBox

The brisk use of WhatsApp has shifted the human mindset from Talking to Texting. One meaningful reason behind this change is that millennials prefer a novel approach for communication and they consider ‘calling’ is like ‘enforcing others to make our needs as a priority’.

Modern consumers want the same practice while communicating with a brand for any good reasons such as product purchase, order details, offers etc. They get irritated in both the cases – if they are unable to contact an agent or if receiving untimely calls from agents. Hence, businesses today prefer chatting with buyers to deal with their purchase psychology. Also, emerging technologies are making businesses more efficient.

To meet this need of organizations, we have developed ChatinBox, a 24/7 intelligent online assistant for all type of businesses to automate all their consumer interactions through a conversational AI platform. Our solution optimizes customer service department by automating mundane support tasks, freeing up support representatives for more value-added responsibilities and simulating human-like communication. Our aim is to help you deliver a personalized experience to your buyers.

And our vision is to keep up with the expectations of organizations using our chatbot solution which is the hottest technology in the market. We help businesses to create automated human-like responses for customer queries so that buyers feel like they are communicating with a support executive.